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Welcome to the Peace of Mind Registry.

Someday, an illness or injury may leave you unable to make important health care decisions for yourself. To prepare for that possibility, you may want to write down your wishes in an advance directive. An advance directive can help ensure your wishes are honored in the future.

Preparing an advance directive is voluntary - no one requires you to do so. But if you do, it's important that you make that document accessible to health providers who will care for you someday so your wishes are known and honored.

You can use this Registry to keep a copy of your advance directive. Your advance directive will soon be available to your doctors and to a hospital, nursing home, or other health care provider when you are a patient or resident. In the meantime, please carry your wallet card and present it to a health care provider so they may request a copy of your advance directive.

If you sign an advance directive, it is your choice whether to participate in this Registry. Registration does not affect whether the document is legally binding.

Even if you register your advance directive, you always have the right to revoke it.

There is no cost to you to register your advance directive. There is no cost to health care providers to have access to your advance directive.

At this website, you can:
- Learn more about advance directives, and view sample advance directive forms, by clicking on, Resources
- Read about what documents you can register and who will have access to them. Click on Questions
- Register your advance directive. You must first create an account. Click on My Account

If you would rather use the U.S. mail to send in your advance directive, or if you need more assistance, click on Contact MI Peace of Mind.